Our Mission
To Provide our participants from around the world a cultural exchange program while helping them gain the necessary skills to succeed in today's global economy.

Our commitment is to treat every participant with honesty and integrity, ensuring that they get the most out of their experience while traveling abroad.

  Employer Benefits

Benefits to You:

  1. Improved quality & quantity of available staff
    Our J-1 Program clients are reporting significant increases in productivity and customer service levels. This is achieved through our rigorous staff selection process and our focus only on employers in the hospitality industry.

    Janus International visits 15+ countries annually, and conducts orientation sessions and one-on-one interviews with college students who have applied to participate in the U.S. Government approved "Work and Travel Program".  We select only those applicants that meet or exceed the English fluency, skill levels, experience, presentation and positive attitude standards that are requirements of the hospitality industry.
  1. Guaranteed Satisfaction
    All staff hired for your property will be individually interviewed (by us or by your representative), and fully screened by our recruiting staff to meet the specific requirements of each hotel, restaurant or theme park job you have available. We ensure that all selected applicants submit the necessary application and documents we need to either approve or reject their application.  For those that are approved for sponsorship by Janus, we arrange the proper visa and (DS-2019) work permit documentation that is necessary for them to participate in this program. 

Upon arrival at your worksite and after their initial first few weeks of   employment, if you determine that their work quality, reliability or other job requirements do not meet the job performance standards of your business, you are not obligated to retain any employee that is unacceptable to you.

  1. Support Services
    Emergency assistance and toll-free access to our J-1 Program Support Services are always available to you as part of our ongoing support. This service can provide support in resolving individual J-1 participant issues, translation assistance and corrective consultations directly with any Janus-sponsored J-1 participant.  We may also be able to assist with last-minute staffing increases, subject to participant availability.
    Our Toll-Free number, 866-249-3888 is available Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, and after hours for any emergencies.

    Easy Participation:
    Simply contact us by calling our toll-free number (1-866-249-3888). We will answer any questions and send you a packet of information that will include the “Employer Profile” information we need, as well as our Staffing Request Form. At your convenience, we can also visit your property and provide a full presentation of the details regarding the J-1 Work and Travel Program for you and/or your management staff.

    Please contact us 4 - 6 months prior to your staffing needs to allow us adequate recruitment time, and so that J-1 participants can be properly screened exclusively for the qualifications and staffing requirements of your business.





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