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To Provide our participants from around the world a cultural exchange program while helping them gain the necessary skills to succeed in today's global economy.

Our commitment is to treat every participant with honesty and integrity, ensuring that they get the most out of their experience while traveling abroad.

  Annual Schedule of Activity


Interview and recruitment trips conducted to hire for Spring staffing requests.
Staff we hired for the Winter Season begin to arrive in U.S.
Winter staff arrivals are completed this month.
Beginning of interview and recruitment trips to hire for Summer staffing requests.
Continuation of interview and recruitment trips for Summer staffing requests.
Staff we hired for Spring Season begin to arrive in U.S.
staff arrivals in the U.S. are completed this month.
Summer staff arrivals in the U.S. begin this month.
Summer staff arrivals in the U.S. continue this month.
Summer staff arrivals in the U.S. are completed this month.
Interview and recruitment trips to hire for Winter staffing requests.
Completion of interview and recruitment trips for Winter staffing requests.

J-1 Program Dates Available by Country

Country Opening Date Closing Date Approximate Length Notes
Argentina 15-Dec 15-Mar 3 Months April 15 is the latest end date for the summer season; If students have varying university schedules, they submit a standard form filled out by their Registrar to the sponsoring agency to amend the DS-2019.
Australia 15-Nov 8-Mar 3-4 Months November 15- March 8 is the range of dates at major universities in Australia. Individual universities, however do not exceed four months.
Belarus 1-Jun 1-Sep 3 Months  
Benin 15-Jun 15-Oct 4 Months  
Brazil 15-Dec 15-Mar 3 Months  
Bulgaria 1-May 1-Sep 4 Months Or June 1 - Oct 1, 2009 depending on school.  Several schools have different end dates in May but do not exceed 4 months.
Cameroon  10-Jul 15-Oct    
Cape Verde 15-Jul 30-Sep 2-3 Months  
China 26-Jun 10-Sep 3-4 Months Several universities have different start and end dates.  Posts will consider applications outside the listed timeframe with proper documentation from applicant.
Colombia 18-May 17-Aug 3-4 Months Some universities work on a trimester system, so dates vary, but do not exceed 4 months.
20-Nov 31-Jan
Czech Republic 15-Jun 31-Aug 2-3 Months Depends on specific school but date indicated is general to all major schools.
Dominican Republic  15-May 15-Sep 4 Months  
Ecuador 1-Jun 30-Sep 4 Months Not all schools fall exactly within the June 1 – Sept 30 window because the Ministry of Education does not mandate specific summer vacation dates for universities.
Estonia 4-Jun 1-Sep 3 Months School Start Date is September 1st.   End date depends on the institution, but usually sometime around the end of June.
Finland 15-May 15-Sep 4 Months  
France 15-Jun 15-Oct 4 Months  
Gabon 1-Jul 1-Oct 3 Months Students resume studies in November. Sao Tome & Principe does not have a university, and high school graduates go outside the country for advanced education.
Germany 1-Jul 31-Oct 4 Months  
Ghana 15-May 1-Oct 4 Months Dates may vary based on exam and registration dates of students.  
Greece Late June Late Sept 3-4 Months  
Hong Kong 1-Jun 30-Sep 4 Months  
India 1-May 31-Jul 3 Months  
Indonesia 20-Jun 25-Aug 2-3 Months The indicated dates are general but do not exceed 4 months.
Ireland 1-Jun 30-Sep 4 Months  
Kazakhstan 1-Jun 8-Sep 3-4 Months  
Kosovo 30-May 30-Sep 4 Months  
Kyrgyzstan 15-Jun 31-Aug 3-4 Months American University of Central Asia is reported May 15 – Aug 25th.  Two major universities start summer on June 1.
Latvia 15-May 31-Aug 3-4 Months The indicated dates are general but do not exceed 4 months. SWT start dates range from anytime in May to June.
Lithuania  1-Jun 14-Sep    
Luxembourg  1-Jul 30-Sep 3 Months  
Macedonia 30-May 30-Sep 4 Months  
Malta 1-Jul 30-Sep 3 Months  
Mauritius 13-Dec 19-Jan 1-2 Months  
Mexico 15-May 15-Sep 4 Months  
Moldova 16-May 12-Sep 4 Months The indicated dates are general but do not exceed 4 months.
Mozambique       Mozambique has two semester breaks:  end of November until mid February and end of June until the beginning of August.
New Zealand 1-Nov 17-Mar 3-4 Months November 1- March 2 is the range of dates at major universities in New Zealand. Individual universities, however do not exceed four months.
Pakistan 1-Jun 1-Aug 2-3 Months The indicated dates are general but do not exceed 4 months.
Peru 1-Dec 30-Mar 4 Months The indicated dates are general but do not exceed 4 months. 
Philippines 21-Mar 18-Jun 3 Months Dates vary for major university but are in the range of late March and Mid June.  De Salle university summer break is April 18 to May 23.
Poland 25-May 15-Oct 4 Months The indicated dates are general but do not exceed 4 months.
Russia 30-May 30-Sep 4 Months To accommodate U.S. employers who have requested SWT participants for Memorial Day weekend, Mission Russia’s SWT Program Dates will be 20 May to 20 September.  These dates will also allow students to benefit from the 30-day post-SWT grace period for travel, taking into consideration that Russian universities are back in session 1 October. Mission Russia is #1 worldwide for Summer Work and Travel processing in 2008. Here are a few additional details about our procedures. 

Given the volume of SWT cases, we require that all prospective SWT applicants to work through a local SWT provider that is registered through the Embassy (For example, currently, Moscow has 44 registered providers which are listed on the Embassy’s website).  Students that wish to find their own jobs and places to stay in the US, still work through a local provider (at a reduced fee for limited services).  These providers do data entry, collect fees, make appointments, arrange transport, facilitate waiting room, organize the students etc.  We would be unable to accommodate current numbers without their assistance.  At the end of the SWT season in autumn, we host several informal, frank, SWT alumni gatherings to hear from Russian students freshly returned from the US.  We use their input to adjust our processes and assess the effectiveness of the program as a diplomatic tool.  
Serbia 15-May 15-Sep 4 Months The indicated dates are general but do not exceed 4 months.
Slovenia 1-May 30-Sep 4 Months The majority of the travels last about 3 Months. Final exams are in July, so May 1 to July 1 is the range for the start date.
South Africa 25-Oct 15-Mar 4 Months The indicated dates is a broad range for many schools in South Africa, but none exceed 4 months.
Sri Lanka 26-Jun 17-Sep 3-4 Months  
Taiwan 22-Jun 20-Sep 3 Months  
Tajikistan 1-Jun 1-Sep 3 Months  
Thailand 1-May 31-Aug 4 Months Thai-style schools - March 5 to July 5.  Western-style schools - May 1 to August 31. Mahidol University - July 1 to September 30.
Turkey 1-Jun 1-Oct  4 Months  
Ukraine 1-May 31-Aug 4 Months Some students may begin early depending on university.
Uzbekistan 1-Jun 31-Aug 3 Months  
Vietnam 23-May 8-Sep 3 Months  
Yemen 1-Jul 1-Oct 3 Months  




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