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Janus International works closely with over 30 overseas partner agencies and major hotel, theme park, national park, restaurant, resort, and lifeguard employers in the United States to provide J-1 visa participants a valuable cultural exchange experience. We are a leader in international recruitment and major resource for companies to transform their business with international talent. Each year we recruit thousands of J-1 visa program participants for hotels, stores, restaurants, resorts, amusement parks, and pools all across the U.S.

Our team has extensive experience working with immigration, visas and embassies to implement cultural exchange and work/training programs. We have built relationships with established partners in over 15 countries and we are a designated Work & Travel and Internship visa sponsor by the U.S. Department of State.




According the U.S. Department of State, The Summer Work Travel program “provides foreign students with an opportunity to live and work in the United States during their summer vacation from college or university to experience and to be exposed to the people and way of life in the United States.” Janus International handles all details of pre-screening, recruitment, visa approval and participant orientation, including overseas job fairs. You can rely upon our established reputation for the extra support you need to successfully participate in this program for the spring, summer and winter seasons. 

In order to participate, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Sufficiently proficient in English
  2. A post-secondary school student enrolled in and actively pursuing a degree
  3. At least 18 years of age and no older than 27 at the time of application
  4. You must be able to participate within the dates of your University summer break

Work and Travel Program Types

Janus International “Full Placed” Program
Includes job placement in one of our participating employer job locations with coordinated arrangements and pre-arranged housing options.

Janus International “Self-Placed” Program
For J-1 students that have pre-arranged their own job and housing. Requires our verification of acceptable housing/work conditions PRIOR to approval of your application to participate in the J-1 Work and Travel Program



According the U.S. Department of State, “Internship Programs are designed to allow foreign college and university students, or recent graduates, to come to the United States to gain exposure to U.S. culture, and to receive hands-on experience in U.S. business practices in their chosen occupational field.” Janus International is a designated sponsor for internship positions lasting 6 or 12 months in the specialized field of Hospitality and Tourism in Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions such as National Parks and Theme Parks. Highly motivated, dynamic and career oriented Intern applicants from different countries are being screened and interviewed to make sure that all the basic Janus International Internship Eligibility Requirements are met:

  1. A Post Secondary student or a recent graduate of less than a year with a degree in Hospitality or Tourism Management, Culinary and other related fields
  2. Be between 21 – 30 years old
  3. Prior experience and successful completion of J-1 Work and Travel Program
  4. Speak, read and understand conversational English at an advanced level


Participant Housing

We try to pre-arrange reasonably priced housing at or near the employer for Janus International placed (full-placed) participants. These rates vary by location. Specific information relating to pay rates, housing rates/availability and job terms can also be found on the Employer and Job Profile sheets we provide on each full-placed job opportunity. Most housing is provided in motels and apartments at or near your work. Some, but not all, include cable TV, telephone access, microwave/refrigerator (or meal plan), utilities, access to the internet, air conditioning/heat, and other amenities for your use. 

Self-placed participants must arrange housing on their own, or with the help of their employer. Self-placed participant housing must be safe, affordable and reliable and must comply with all local laws and regulations. 

Transportation to Your Job

For participants in our full-placed program, we will help coordinate arrangements with you and your employer for transportation. You will receive an email with details on getting to your housing and job. Most housing is located at or very close to our employers you can walk, ride a bike or take a low-cost shuttle or bus to work. Further details can be found in your job description and arrival instructions.

Toll-free Hotline

Prior to your arrival, we will provide you with a toll-free phone number to answer your questions and to help you if you should run into any problems during your stay.  You can also always use our "" email address to send us your inquiry or questions.

Participant Health Insurance

Janus International Hospitality Student Exchange has arranged insurance for you that covers the time you will be participating in the Work and Travel Program in the U.S. (from program begin date to program end date indicated on your DS-2019). You will receive your insurance card along with a brochure with details of your coverage prior to your departure for the U.S. If you decide to utilize the “thirty day grace period” to travel after your Work and Travel Program Ending Date, you have the option to arrange for insurance on your own or to extend your travel and health insurance coverage through Janus. Contact Janus directly for rate information on the cost of extending your insurance.

Career Training Opportunities

Most of our jobs are with hotel, theme park, national park, restaurant, resort, and lifeguard employers that will provide you with free training in the Hospitality industry. If you are thinking of working in the hospitality industry in the future, these jobs will be an excellent start for you. Certificates of program completion are available upon request for participants who successfully finished their program. 

Placements for All Language Levels

If your English fluency is only at a basic level but you would still like to participate in a cultural exchange program, we have Work and Travel placements that do not require a high level of English speaking ability. These jobs are not the "easiest" we have, but they allow you to improve your English and understanding of American culture during your stay by talking and listening to our customers and guests.






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