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Janus International has extensive experience serving the J-1 Work & Travel needs of the hospitality industry. As a U.S. State Department-designated J-1 sponsor agency, we have established a network of overseas partner agencies to offer our clients a specialized solution to meeting the winter, spring and summer seasonal staffing requirement of their hospitality business.

This solution is the J-1 Work and Travel Program visa, which allows international college students to visit and work legally in the U.S. for a period of up to 4 months. Through hiring J-1 participants for their seasonal business needs, host employers serve a key role in fulfilling the public diplomacy and mutual understanding goals of the program and promoting cultural exchange between the United States and other parts of the world. In turn, host employers benefit from having access to a more diverse workforce to fill peak and/or intermittent recruitment needs not met by local hiring efforts, and the ability to operate for a lengthier season.

Janus International handles all details of international recruitment, interviews, selection and orientation of J-1 participants that are a perfect fit for seasonal hotel, restaurant, theme park and lifeguard jobs. Our success in hospitality-focused recruitment is achieved through our own background in the industry (Janus is managed by former Hotel and Restaurant General Managers) and an extensive J-1 screening and approval process, as well as the enthusiastic interest and motivation of our international college-educated participants to visit and work in the United States during their semester break between school years at their overseas university.

We visit over 15 countries annually and conduct major international Job Fairs to locate the best candidates that have selected Janus International as their U.S. Sponsor Agency to participate in the U.S. “Work and Travel” visa Program. Our focus is limited to applicants that meet or exceed the English fluency, experience, skills, presentation and positive attitude standards that are required by the hospitality industry.




Benefits Overview


Benefits Overview

Improved Quality & Quantity of Staff
Available when you need them most, to fill your peak and intermittent seasonal needs

Health Insurance for all J-1 participants provided at no cost to employer (except workers compensation insurance)

No employer recruitment costs + free international travel to our overseas job fairs for representatives of qualified employers

Support Services
Assistance in locating nearby housing, travel/arrival coordination and a toll-free “help” line for your management staff

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Improved Quality & Quantity of Available Staff

Our J-1 host employer clients are reporting high levels of satisfaction with their participation in the program, due to the addition of qualified J-1s to their team that create a more robust and diverse group of seasonal employees and add an international dimension to their work place. Our rigorous selection process and our focus only on employers in the hospitality industry helps our clients achieve their seasonal operational goals, while contributing to the cross-cultural exchange mission of the Work and Travel program through providing J-1 participants the opportunity to experience American culture firsthand.

Janus International visits 15+ countries annually, and conducts orientation sessions and one-on-one interviews with college students who have applied to participate in the U.S. Government approved "Work and Travel Program". We select only those applicants that meet or exceed the English fluency, skill levels, experience, presentation and positive attitude standards that are requirements of the hospitality industry.

Screening & Selection

All staff hired for your property will be individually interviewed (by us or by your representative), and fully screened by our recruiting staff to meet the specific requirements of each hotel, restaurant, theme park or lifeguard job you have available. Additionally, Janus has developed and English test that uses questions about the J-1 Work and Travel program to check the applicants’ understanding of basic, written English. This test is now conducted prior to the individual interviews at our job fair, and only participants that pass this exam can be accepted for participation and can proceed to the interviews.

We ensure that all selected applicants submit the necessary application and documents we need to either approve or reject their application. For those that are approved for sponsorship by Janus, we arrange the proper visa and (DS-2019) work permit documentation that is necessary for them to participate in this program. Janus has targeted recruitment only from regions from regions where the J-1 participant success rate has been consistently high and reliable.

Support Services

Emergency assistance and toll-free access to our J-1 Support Service are always available to you as part of our ongoing support. This service can provide support in resolving individual J-1 participant issues, cultural adjustment questions, translation assistance and corrective consultations directly with any Janus-sponsored J-1 participant. We may also be able to assist with last-minute hiring requests, subject to participant availability.

Our Toll-Free number, 866-249-3888 is available Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, and after hours for any emergencies.

How to Participate

Simply contact us by calling our toll-free number 1-866-249-3888. We will answer any questions and send you a packet of information that will include the Host Employer Profile and J-1 Request Form. At your convenience, we can also visit your property and provide a full presentation of the details regarding the J-1 Work and Travel Program for you and/or your management staff. 


Note: Please contact us 4 - 6 months prior to your staffing needs to allow us adequate recruitment time,
and so that J-1 participants can be properly screened exclusively for the qualifications and staffing requirements of your business.

Host Employer Vetting

Per the J-1 program regulations, sponsors must fully vet all J-1 Host Employers prior to the placement of participants. Our team is happy to guide you through this process, but below is a list of basic vetting documents that are required: 

1) Completed Host Employer Profile/J-1 Request Form: On this form, 
we request basic information about your company and the job positions, 
terms and conditions, as well as the housing, transportation and other
support provided to J-1 participants. Access to safe, affordable and reliable
housing and transportation is a critical factor in the success of any
J-1 placement location and the overall program experience for both the participant
and Host Employer. 

2) Copy of current Host Employer Business License

3) Copy of current and valid Host Employer Worker’s Compensation Certificate
or Cover Page (or proof that worker’s compensation coverage is not required) 

4) Proof of seasonal, intermittent or peak need for J-1 participants

5) Information on cultural activities provided at the Host Employer location* 

*Pursuant to the public diplomacy goals of the program, host employers are encouraged to provide and promote cultural activities that engage both their American staff members and J-1 Work and Travel participants as well as provide opportunities for sharing of culture between your staff and throughout the local community. If you have any questions about suitable activities or are just looking for some ideas to get started, please feel free to contact the Janus International team. 

Note: Please contact us 4 - 6 months prior to your staffing needs to allow us adequate recruitment time,
and so that J-1 participants can be properly screened exclusively for the qualifications and staffing requirements of your business.