Read what people are saying about Janus International.

It was the best summer ever in my life: good friends from all over the world, memorable events, unforgettable experience.
Thank you for such a great opportunity!
— Olha from Ukraine

Hi! I’m very good, this was the best experience on my life, i cant choose only one memorable moment because i had a lot, but i think that the best part was all the people that i know and all the new friends that I made.
— Isirdro from Argentina

My best experience was definitely to know this girls, now instead of having roommates, have good friends, the best memories from Maine. Thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity!!!!
— Roxalba from Dominican Republic

This is the best experience in my life! I met a lot of very nice people, made new friends from all over the world, made new memories and had a lot of fun.
— Iva from Croatia

“I am really enjoying this program and I consider myself as lucky person that I was able to be a part of this program, everyday I have got new experiences, meeting different people and able to make new friends.
— Arshpreet from Philippines